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Which Avant-Metal Band are You?

1. Have you always been that weird?

I wasn't always this weird
I started off weird, then got weirder!
I'm not weird, you're just stupid
Fuck off

2. What are you most likely to be found doing in your spare time?

Having heart attacks and nightmares
Dropping acid
So many side projects... So many...
Being crushed to death slowly by my own ego.
Right now, being in love.

3. Speaking of side projects, what would you likely be involved in?

Black Metal, maybe some electronic stuff.
A Jazz-Rock band, maybe some metal too.
Nothing at all.
Thrash and Death Metal.

4. Your lyrics?

"We fell off the macho vehicle/as batons from the scientific rev/Lost their bastille in Paris 68/Paternity dyed red"

"Admire it in its sleep./Wounded, and embraced by dreams./Whatever wanders in these depths,/it shall carry along."

"Their eyes black in kingdoms of gold/like the rocks of this desert/where we wander in circles/tails up the ass of time"

"And when the circle of the hanged ones speaks/and the faded light breaks in black wine/the penance of the dead horse will fall/share to my harsh darkness"

"My eyes, cold as ice/None shall overcome the horrible destiny/Sympathized but paralyzed/When identity is lost death may be the only way to ease me"

5)Describe your appearance:

Like a hippie!
Black designer clothes
Jeans, t-shirts, leather.
Nobody knows what I look like anyway.